Feds seize millions of dollars in cryptocurrency raised by major terrorist groups, DOJ says


The Justice Department says it has seized an estimated $2 million from Crypto currency accounts that the Islamic state and other terrorist groups used to raise money as NPR's Ryan Lucas reports. This is the U. S government's largest seizure and bobbing terrorist organizations. The Justice Department says it broke up financing efforts for three terrorist groups. Islamic state. Al Qaeda and the military wing of Hamas officials say the groups were using crypto currency accounts to solicit donations from across the globe to finance their operations. Case related to the Islamic state involves an alleged scam to sell fake personal protective equipment on a website called facemask center dot com. The department says it seized around $2 million more than 300 crypto currency accounts as well as websites and Facebook page is related to the terrorist fundraising efforts. Officials say the move will deprive the terrorist organizations of money to buy weapons and fund their

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