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Hey everyone. It's me Lisa. Lillian also known as hungry girl I am here for another episode of Chew. The right thing with my good pals and Co workers and BFF's Mikey and Jamie Hey guys. Hello Lisa, how are you? Good. We missed you last week and we missed you last week. I mean. By we I mean me. Yeah, we were podcast last week. We had a busy crazy week. And we took a little time off I. Hope People Forgave US was anybody said Did, they even notice Regina Regina might have been sad. All Sir number. One. Fan Regina's GonNa love that shout but I'm really happy to be back. I have to say like this week's episode is so good. It's one of those episodes that we have been toying around with for a while and the requests for have just been pouring pouring pouring pouring in. So this is I like to call it the meal prep assode get it. Because it's a meal prep episode so it's the meal prep assode. And meal prepping is so hot right now and we are going to dive into. So much of what people can do to make their lives easier were answering fan questions. Is it weird to call them fans? No. It's all right. We're friends and FRENEMIES. From our hungry girl peeps and I am super excited. Are you like I know you're a big meal pepper? Yeah, I'm excited Oh good Mike you. I'm the meal prep or the family for the most part but what do you do like just like lineup jars of peanut butter is that how you meal prep much that's about. Ninety eight percent of the work is July up the jars. And the rest is knives. You have the smaller I the bigger nine for the chunky peanut butter I know. Exactly All Right Mike. I'm sorry I'm sorry for giving you a hard time time giving you a hard time and now you're going to give us. Who does sit like were there's right. Everybody Likes Workers Right Yeah Oh yeah. Okay. So they have new flavors coming out this fall. Are you ready to hear what they are share? Okay. So we got pumpkin spice, Caramel, apple and cinnamon cream, and this makes me extremely happy because I don't have the patience for hard candy. So they're going to be available in the soft choose which means. Less, work for me. Less work no, it's more work you have to get that. Out of your teeth. Yeah. That's true. Good Point. Good point I didn't do. They have soft candy now I think. So I think the don't you. I only know like workers, my grandmother who was like the cutest human being alive was obsessed with warriors and when I was young living in New York, I would drive to us every Sunday and I bring her a bag of workers and we would enjoy them. I love them and I was like looking forward to these I will try them but I didn't realize they were. Chewy. Bet really good though. Maybe, put him on top of like ice cream or something I don't know what? The not be really hard to eat. They'll be in Mike have you met us? Does that really sound like something we would do probably not something I would. Maybe. A. Well I have your weekend plans already for you. Are you ready? You know what you're going to be doing this weekend Lisa. Tell me tie dye with wine. Okay. This is the newest craze I guess in with people who are still in quarantine. So basically, what you do is you use wine as the is the die and you make tidy shirts with wine. I can link to a website on our food cast page. They'll show you how to do it. The only thing I would suggest is use a cheap bottle. You don't WanNA use like a forty dollar bottle of wine to make touch short. So get like two buck chuck at Traderjoes what about if you only use like? The white wine what if I only like Chardonnay and the House without worrying. Pattern. Do Tie I. Don't know I've been tie-dying Teen I. Think I've. I've dyed like six or. Items Minimum I made my sister birthday tie-dye pants. I've made I've taken a lot of my vintage t shirts I'm GonNa, try this I. think it sounds it sounds really fun and the best part is like if I do open a bottle of wine a very rarely finish it. So it's something to do with the wine the extra red wine that's just been sitting in your fridge. If you get thirsty, you can like ring out the extra into your mouth. As long as it's clean shirt. That's all I got. Okay. Well so let's get into the subject of the day. Subject of the day is meal prep and you know I personally like I always say I'm kind of uncoordinated in the kitchen I don't think of myself. I was like I'm a meal prep or do I have the patience to sit and prepare things and put them in cute little containers and I was thinking no, that's not very me. But when I thought about it further I was. Like that is not really what the definition of meal prepping is to me and to US Jamie and we've had this conversation philosophically. It's really anything that you can do to make your life easier when it comes to thinking about what foods you're going to be eating for the week, right? Yes. It is preparing for your meals, not necessarily just preparing meals exactly, and especially you know during this time when we are home a lot more we may or may not be. Getting takeout or bringing in food a lot of our food is being made by us like it's now is the best time ever to start thinking about what you can do to make your life easier. So you don't fall back and make that phone, call an order that pizza in or just grab something that you might not be happy that you ate afterwards. So the best thing you can do is really thinking advance about what you can keep on hand how you can. Either prepare it or how you will prepare it, and so you're ready for anything. It's

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