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All right. Here we go. Junior is here with what sports docked yeah. Oh. Oh, got it. Today Listen Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior. The fight has been pushed back to November. Twenty eight was September twelfth. They're gonNA. Move it back to November twenty eight. Now, we never did get honest we got who we're. GonNa pay for this. You know you won't initial. Yeah, they had the movie back because somebody didn't look shape. And it wasn't Mike Tyson. Since Yeah, we love Roy Jones junior to love and show yeah yeah. See, Roy on stand. Tyson. Trained in two. Give Him Oh time. Him So motown. Forgot. Eighth. That's my holiday. Yes. How old is Roy Anybody? Four. Oh, it's no want. Majors Mike. Yeah Mike. Fifty four, a Mike and Fifty, four, fifty, one. Got? All. Mad. All. The reason why we got all our money, all Michael Airbus seeing know what this is about. Well, see both of them. All right. It's not going to be what you think it is and going to be this great fight. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA see a Lotta of punches. A Lot. Of course, the timing is gone in a quick quick twitch muscles don't file like they used to. But the problem that Roy has is if Tyson do hit him. His ass is going to. Asleep. He Hits Him. He's going to. That's a special place. That's way you sleep a union. No you going. Love a man I'm going to bed. Then I'M GONNA. Go Sleep. Now you fit in a subsidy. Very closely, right for you go to sleep that what you said. Our sleep well. But, also, you know the new president trump called NBA players very dumb, very nasty for kneeling during the. National. Anthem. Wild. Two words and that is there any other word man? VOCAB? Luke. This is a guy who says he went to the high school in. The. Nation. Yeah and but his niece has said no, no, they got him in this. He's not. He's. Look their neely period. You're not changing the narrative this time. Because those black guys to play in the NBA? No, they wouldn't tall and he had a uniform then targets on. Right Bank. That's exactly why they not playing. Junior coming up at the top of the hour. Tell me something good. Some good news for.

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