Biden and Harris Debut Ticket, Trump Launches Attacks


It Anticipated side by side appearance for Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. This afternoon, Harris becomes the first woman of color to running a major party ticket. It is history. Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett denounced President Trump's, however, rhetoric against the California center, But President Trump was saying, calling her, You know, nasty When we don't use that kind of language to describe men and particularly women who are doing their job. She was writing campaign. She's interrogating witnesses. She's serving the people's interests, and I think the American people will realize that and I know one thing by specially by and Senator here is going to work very hard to earn their trust. Harris attacked Biden on issues including busing, CBS News correspondent Ben Tracey reports that is a businessman, though Mr Trump donated to Harris campaign just minutes after Harris is selection was announced. The Trump campaign dropped this attack ad debut in what appears to be the latest in presidential put downs slow Joe and phony comma. But when Kamala Harris was running for California attorney general Then businessman Donald Trump was a supporter, contributing a total of $6000 to her campaign coffers in 2011 and 2013 and that's been Tracy Harris ran for the 2020 presidential nomination, but dropped out of the race in December after failing to raise enough money.

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