Alejandro Chaoul | Opening to Deep Stillness | Guided Meditation


Welcome my name is Alexandra Joel than. Going to guide you into a short meditation. To be connected. With your breath your body. Three mind. Pay attention to that sound of the bell until it dissolves into silence. And let that silence be an invitation to bring a mind in words connect your breath. As you breathe Anna. Trying. Guide. Your breath to breathe in a now through your nose. Sometimes. You want to excel more through the mouth, but for this meditations, see if it's okay. To breathe in and out through your now. And as you're breathing. You slowly letting go. Of that last conversation. Maybe last text or email. In. Ping more present in this moment. Has Your God your brass. No. Notice as it comes to your chest and you can breathe the lower. Towards abdomen. And then back again through now. Keep on breathing into your abdomen if it's comfortable, you can bring more on hand both hands right in front of your belly Baltin. And field that breath. Well. Come into your abdomen that made inflated like a balloon as you breathe in. As you lad co the air. Pre Out. Again breath in through your nose into your abdomen. BASF few now. As you keep on breathing in this way. You might slowly be listening the relaxation risk. If it's constable, close your eyes but not to die. Or if you prefer MMM open them slightly looking to the tip of your nose downwards in a peaceful. Games. As you still breathe from your nose into your abdomen and bathroom knows finding a rhythm. That is comfortable. Comfortable to. Maintain. Focus. Comfortable that if you lose the focus to come back to your Brown. You can visualize your breath green light. This green relates to the element of air in Tibetan tradition.

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