New Xbox Series X Controller Leaks Suggest Potential Launch Date

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Soft new xbox series ex consul confirmed and leaked controller packaging via the verge Microsoft is rumored to be unveiling its second cheaper next xbox console. Console this month and it looks like it will definitely be called. xbox series s the verge has obtained photos of Microsoft's new. Next Gen. xbox controller, and white complete with packaging that mentions the xbox series s twitter user. Zach S was able to purchase the controller today and we've confirmed it's genuine. The new controller was sold on a resale site today and side of the packaging notes that the controller works with xbox series X and. S Consoles make has not officially unveiled. An xbox series s yet nor has the company even confirmed that white xbox series x controller mysterious white xbox series controller also appeared online last month complete with the new deep add texture triggers in new share button. This league matches the previous controller leak and retail packaging suggests that this could be appearing in store. Soon, quote we have a lot in store for xbox in two, thousand, twenty, eight share. You says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to the verge. Announce at this time. So if you look on your twitter mice where timely in particular and I'm sure you're well, there are a lot of videos of these controllers being embarks in touched and flipped around, and I'm not sure we're. Watching right now. Yeah. Not sure where they're all exactly coming from I thought I had read something about stores being looted. And the thought is maybe they were in stock at that best buy that was being looted. Who knows because he rumored released? There was a rumor that the series was going to come out in August I believe. So if that was to be believed or maybe it's gotten pushback. Anyway, there's some rumored evidence that these controllers could be in at stores who could say, but if you look at the controller itself, it was I. Think you actually have an elite controller on your desk, don't you because the D pad for this new one looks very similar to that I mean at least it as it from this photo, and there is a share button in the middle and other than that. It looks incredibly similar. It does. But just fine with me. Honestly I. DON'T I. Don't mind that. I'm happy to dual shock is getting a makeover. 'cause that controllers always made my hands cramp after too long. The xbox controller I have no issues with. It's actually why it's my preferred to play on I the controller so much more comfortable. Yeah. My hand in twenty in two, thousand and ten, and prior to that, I really liked the playstation controller because smaller small hands. But since my like my hands kind of changed I find the xbox like much more comfortable like. There's something about it just works better for me now. Yeah. I. Think this Controller Looks Great. I love the white. Hat is something I might have to get used to. But I know it's something that I think a lot of gamers particularly more sports focus players want those those little side pieces between the deep had to do specific move sets on. It is weird that there's so many of them out in the wild, and like that one person posted that they bought one on offer up for thirty five dollars. That was a great deal I was like that's a steal for any controller. Let alone controller for an unreleased. Be. Somebody who didn't know what they had just like it's an exodus because it's a hot troll. I. Stole this new to offload it quickly. Pretty much. I, would I feel like that is when you know it's stolen merchandise selling it for thirty dollars and some weird website just like sure I'll take that and they just think it's probably the. Current, xbox controller because they look so similar. Wonders. Like. Are you buying Oregano here? You know it was. Like take an xbox controller. Crack Open, do some modifications externally. So to try to cheat a unreleased controller. Or is this is putting a button. Sensitive. briquetted thing they. They did some modifications to like and make up that story I don't know. La Interesting for people who aren't familiar with what offer up is essentially like a, let's go or a craigslist where you post pictures and then people in your vicinity can buy items from you and I've seen some very suspicious television posts on there before like come to my garage where I have all of these TV's in boxes that you can buy. One hundred dollars and I'm like. A feels like you took that off with trucks. I. Didn't take anything. But I think that this is, oh, sorry, go ahead. Bro. Say the back of the box. There are also photos of that. If anyone's interested, the deep has just described as refined. Yet familiar input nothing really there and the share button and share content seamlessly, and then it goes on about how there's. And Bluetooth support and the textured grip, and that's kind of it.

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