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Back to the outcomes rocket saw Marquez's here and today I have the privilege of hosting John Patent. He's a career communicator and marketer, and after twenty years of private industry work. One of his nonprofit public health clients asked him to lead their communications. Department John became fascinated with the organizations worked to prevent chronic diseases ten years. Later, he is still working for that organization and helping the CDC reach Americans at risk. For chronic disease is new book, brainless health was born out of his desire to shoot straight with the general public about what they could do to reduce their risk for diabetes cancer heart disease, as well as steer clear of wheelchairs and oxygen tanks by applying simple habits to their daily life. He speaks in plain English and draws on real life stories and examples that make the science public health relatable, practical and. Possible and so who wouldn't want that in their lives I know I definitely do and so it's my pleasure to welcome you to the podcast John. I'm so privileged to have you here with US imagine I, do appreciate that last comment that who wouldn't want that they're like I believe that when you have health, you have real well being and when you have a being that's well, you have success in life. I mean it conversely, if you don't have health, it's GonNa, be hard to achieve much in life and relationship or professionally certainly, not physically. So it is something that everybody should want and I think they do, and so my hope is to help them get their in simple ways I love it, and you know John had a guest on the podcast several years ago say our nation's wealth is it's health and. You're going to help us dive into that further and how important it is today especially with Kobe and everything that's happening even more important than ever tell us before we you know obviously dive into brainless health your book in the work that you do that and things that we could to our daily lives. What inspires your work in healthcare you know like you said in the election i. Really came into the field of public health and health care by accident working with a client and as I learn more about them, I just caught the passion for what they were doing. The fact that we can actually do lifestyle interventions in lifestyle change lifestyle behavior can really impact the health of ourselves in our country, and so I've worked with physicians I worked with Public Health folks state. Health, departments, county health department and the general public, and so what really lights my fire get out of bed in the morning are the stories of people who actually take control their health it's not all bootstrapping and and just you know personal responsibility of making a new resolution. It's actually using the resources that are available in public health, a lot of programs and projects out there that they. Can Use as resources, but also each other and their communities but ultimately it is there will to change their life and change really rations fine them. Yeah. It's inspiring work and say you've taken a personal approach to it. You know just simple habits that we can use to improve our health. Tell us a little bit about the book and your work and how it's adding value to the ecosystem. brainless help with something that the title of the book came about because I kept coming back to the fact that there were really brainless things meaning not dumb things things that you don't have to think about to put into practice long before Kovin people have not been washing their hands. Now that's brainless. Our mothers and Fathers Autism Wash your hands we can avoid myriad diseases joss by doing that alone people will say all the time that they they're sick. And they caught something or the other, and that's true and it could have just come from some real simple germs they were carrying around and transmitting. So his things like that the the government doesn't like to use the word exercise they liked say physical activity will typically activity is Canada. It's not an intuitive kind of more choice and it can mean a lot of things vacuuming your house to be physical activity, but it's not gonNA help you pre diabetic state it's. Not GonNA reverse your numbers you need to exercise wall know what that means whether we like it or not need elevator heart rate and exercise and sweat, and so those are the kinds of things that I put it in plain. English tell fun stories about my own life because I made a transformation inspired by many other people in my life and I really I really think it's time that we should straight with people stop giving each other and out and. District. Of the Salad Mike cost more than a couple of cheeseburgers doesn't mean we have an excuse to to order the choose business. You know all the time at least

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