Mega Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina on Diversity in Beauty


Okay. So first of all, Jackie, how are you all sweaty right now? But I'm doing good. I'm I'm like exhausted like excited all at the same time, but I'm doing well, what about both of you? Right now, I'm just trying not to go Jackie Jackie. Jackie jacket jacket. Jacket. Lead such a signature. It's like the best thing ever puts me instantly in a good mood when I see one of your videos. So we wanted to get into a little bit of your beauty must, of course, we always like to get a little insight into when you're obsession with beauty started. So going way back. Do you remember like what your first product obsession was like high school or even grade school so for? For me, my earliest beauty obsession was definitely fragrance and I know it's a little offbeat. But when I was a kid as early as like eight nine, I had a condition called hyper hydrolysis, and so I didn't know it was a condition. I didn't know there was like a name for this, but it's basically someone who is an excess sweater that sounded like sweater as in like a Cardigan. No. Like someone who sweat. So I would sweat a lot and my mom had to, and so you know like when you're a kid like prisoner, kids are just mean evil. So you get teased that was just like one more thing to be embarrassed about and really shy about. So my earliest memory of beauty was like onboard with my mom through like different fragrances that we would wear to try to like you know mascot because you know growing up, we didn't have a ton of money. We couldn't afford like luxury. Luxury bags, luxury cars or shoes, but you can afford alums refrigerants like that was like the closest thing to like having something. Really. Really. Nice. So my definitely, my earliest memory of like being instability was due fragrance and I was always fascinated I make up I was just like really to shied aware it because I don't want to put it on. Crazy. So I feel like fragrance came first and then somewhere in their makeup was like something I was really fascinated by, but wasn't bold. Bold, enough to like actually like indulge in it. But fashion was like really my thing, I would draw sketch design and my mom was a seamstress. So she would like make the clothes for me on my palm gown like see. We knew it was something that I did with my mom. So that's something that I really love to, and ironically she was a very light makeover. She would literally only wear lipstick and live sticking hearings. Thumbs only thing and she would always tell me if you. You ever need a pick-me-up. All you need is a good pair of earrings and lipstick, and you're good and what was the fragrance you'd walk in the room and Jackie. What was that smell? The earliest one that I remember us being like really obsessed with was dolgin Gabon a light blue. I remember that being one of our favorites I, remember US wearing a Scada I. know she hated to know that was one thing I remember until this day I still hate to know fragrances because. I, it just doesn't work with our body chemistry. But yeah, I remember those I think she probably were a little bit of Rossler into. But yeah. We were like fragrance snob sunny. We would just be like. Now, as she went to, she would explain to me like fragrance notes and like what things work better. You know on different she explained to me like how the body chemistry work that it was just like a really really like losing weight and like bond with her and yeah, just neutral good. If some ever listeners aren't that familiar with your backstory, can you let everyone know how you got into beauty and Youtube and because you actually in the military for a bit as well? Right yes. Yes. So, my story is like a hot mess, but as as you know like. A lot of us don't have like one linear path to success like its curves and bumps grows mountains. Traffic is toll lanes, all kinds of crazy stuff. So basically, I was always really heavily into arts and beauty and fashion I thought was my life calling when I was young was literally like go to film study fashion and become like either designer like a merchandiser or something and fashion industry. So you know your parents you down and you're like sixteen seventy, they're like, what are you gonNA. Do with your life and I'm just like Duh. You know like I'm going to study fashion like, why are you gonNa me this like low. But the problem is like, what am I? Is An immigrant. He's from Nigeria. Okay. So when you explain to, you know like a black American parent and African American parent you WANNA go dot a greater field. They may be more open to it. They may be a little judgy. It just depends on who you ask, right. Nigerian on the other hand. When you tell them, you're going especially your parents when you tell them, you're going into the crater field. They like absolutely not. They're like how? To do, but you're not doing

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