Ryan Hurd on Songwriting for Morgan Wallen & Diplo


Like Lonely Tonight. Blake Shelton. Sunrise, Sunburn Sunset, Luke, You look Good. What if I Never Get over you, lady? A heart that heartless diploma jam like all there's a chance, but I mean, that's like the new worlds like, and that is what was up with that song when you are That one I wrote with Ernest and Charley's handsome Ernest is like, Obviously he's becoming a massive songwriter, he wrote. I love my country and he wrote Breaking up in the nineties. Sam Hunt song so great You wrote that new Morgan song more than my hometown. And so I just loved. I think there's some guys that are just there lyrically that it just oozes out of them, and he's one of them. So I just was thinking my phone in front of that, and I keep keep talking man and when we'll figure it out, but it's really cool to be on a project like that. I think that diplo album is really cool. Take on country music. I loved listening to it, and it's really cool just to be a small part of that. We're gonna

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