The Strip Search Scam


McDonald's employees who worked double shift were given a free meal to taught the Niveau. Laura took a short break to wait before returning behind the counter. Also working that not was fifty, one year old Donna. Summer's one of the restaurants assistant manages. Like Laura some as was relatively new to the franchise. She had been working there for about eight months. Just as Laura returned to serving customers, the restaurants phone rang at full fifty six am. Some has answered it. On the other end was a man who identified himself as a police officer named officer? Scot. Officer Scott explained that, hey, had McDonald's corporate on another lawn as well as the latest students the store's manager. He was calling because a child who had banning the restaurant earlier had her coin purse stolen. The culprit was believed to be one of some employees as. Hey provided a physical description of the suspect young watt and fame ow with a petite build and dark hair. She was wearing McDonald's uniform. Officer Scot also described a tie that the suspect was wearing. Some is immediately thought of Laura. Flach. Aw. Even. Though her work record was exemplary, she'd fit the suspect's description. Perfectly. While leaving office the Scott waiting on the phone. Some is beyond Laura and asked her to accompany her to the manages office at the back of the restaurant. The small krant room had a tiled floor with a desk and account top running against opposing wools. This services were crowded with a computer and various items of stationery. Filing cabinet sat to one side and boxes were stacked behind the bench. Perched up I in the ceiling was the say, Tei? Camera. Some has led to Laura into the manager's office before locking the door behind them. She then informed the Laura that police officer had accused her of rubbing cast them a-. Shocked Laura immediately protested her innocence telling her. Dona of never done anything wrong I could never steal. Some has responded that a police officer had described Laura as the person responsible. Officer Scott was still waiting on the fine. Some is switched between speaking to him and Laura. Officer Scott informed some as that Laura had two choices. She could either submit to a search for the Stalin purse the Ben and there Oh, she could wait until an officer came to arrest her and undergo a search at the police station. Upon learning of her options, Laura started to cry and begged to be taken to the police station. So the matter could be cleared that. Some as handed the phone to Laura who spoke to office got herself. After doing. So Laura, great to be searched on the spot. Offices Scott issued instructions to summers who in turn relayed them to Laura I Laura was asked to empty her pockets. She did so without complaint. After handing IVA KS and herself Iron Laura revealed there was no stolen purse in her pockets. Office gone suspected at the autumn could be hidden underneath Laura's clothing and ordered her to undress. But this time another assistant manager named Kim Dockery arrived to stop work. Kim. was set to replace some as for the evening shift. Upon, discovering what was happening in the manages office came off to what was going on. Some has refused to say at office a Scott's command.

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