Harmonia Homeless Shelter Residents Will Not Be Transferred Out, New York City Says


City is moving ahead of the plan to remove homeless man from the Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side Coalition for the homeless, called the decision a dangerous capitulation to intolerant voices on the Upper West Side. Elena is one of those who doesn't want the shelter here. I walk around the streets with my child all the time and definitely feel a lot less safe in the past two months. Meanwhile, Mats who lives in the looser, it is okay with the city's just announced decision. Move. The Lucerne residents to the financial district will be in that hotel that they're converting. I feel like it's exactly to say, said he also says it will not have to empty out several family shelters. Polluting the former Harmonium hotel and Mitt down in order to make room for the Lucerne resident. So rather than being shuffled around, they get an opportunity to stay in a neighborhood where they have their doctor, their local businesses starting their caseworker, Alright year Councilman Keith Powers who had pushed the city to allow the harmonium families to stay.

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