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For more Luke Bryan and all your favorite artists. Snoozing in California. Many schools were still closed. But some counties air starting to move out of the more highly restrictive tears and allow for school re openings in Orange County. Five school district's reopened this week, including Irvine Unified, I'm very pleased with how our district handled it. Aurea Hirschhorn, seven year old first grader, was thrilled to get off zoom. Even with all of the restrictions in place at school, Hirschorn says on a scale of 1 to 10. She feels Safety back at school is about an aide or even a nine. Every child has their own death with the Plexi glass. We had to buy them supplies so all the crayons and the dry erase board the markers. Everything is in a in a bag that is there that we've brought from our home and kept in their cubbies, so nothing is shared. Five more districts in Orange County, which is south of Los Angeles, are scheduled reopen next week. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News Things might be getting a tad more psychedelic in one Michigan City more from Fox's Paul Stevens thesis ity of Ann Arbor, Michigan de criminalizing psychedelic plants and so called magic mushrooms, telling local police two no longer make them an enforcement focus. A unanimous City Council vote this month, according to M live dot com, paving the way for authorities not to investigate or arrest anyone in Ann Arbor for planting, cultivating buying, transporting or distributing. And the

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