Los Angeles - Southern California national forests closed for a week because of fire danger


In an unusual move today, all National Forest in Southern California are closed because of the fire danger. Angelus San Bernardino, Oh Cleveland Lows Padre Sierra and Sequoia National Forest, all temporarily off limits to visitors. You know, the areas that will be open will be the commuter routes. You can still drive thru the commuter out some of that, such as Angeles Forest Highway, some of the canyon roads, But as far as recreation goes campgrounds, picnic areas trail has that all that's gonna be closed Angeles National Forest Fire Chief Robert Garcia. We're in a high risk, weather forecast and extreme. Same conditions due to the fuel moistures. They've reached their critical stage, so any fire and they're going to move very quickly. The closures will be re evaluated on a day to day basis. Emily Valdez que next 10 70 news radio.

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