Getting Our Kids Active with Athlete/Trainer/Entrepreneur Larissa Maloney. Ep 162


Had a good day so. It's telling you a little bit. About active kids you pointed out how it came about I've been coaching mentoring young athletes, young kids or over fifteen years now. I teach fitness classes at a private school right down the street from me and March. And everyone was pretty much going through the same thing. So especially as an structure as teacher as family, all of that stuff, we all kind of went through the same thing at the exact same time we. Had A meeting on Friday and they said, you know you guys if we virtual if we have to do distance learning. I'm just giving you the heads up you might have to do it, but it probably not going to happen, but I just want to give you the heads up. We're like. All right. Okay. Cool. Might not happen. You know it's probably not gonNA happen. Now literally a couple of hours later we got. We got an email saying it's happening and it's happening right now. So figuring out, you know you're out, you're regula figure out what you're GONNA do with kids. Hopefully it won't be long we're out but obviously, we ended up being out for the rest of the year they said, figure it out. So I thought my head like, what am I gonNa do you know you think you know virtual? English class virtual science class. You know that's doable. Right but how do you do a virtual class like what you know? So I sat down and I pulled out my little Gandhi notebook and I said are at Monday's we're GONNA? Do. A run of some kind, and they're going to send me the time of you know how fast they did it Tuesday Armand nabs Wednesday will do something else Thursday something else Friday out literally brought all of that down and then I looked at it and I said this is horrible like my like my kids are GonNa say coach what are you doing? Is Not you? Right? So. I threw it away in. I said you know what I'm GonNA act like I am in the class with them. And we're just GONNA do it were not going to be together, but it's GonNa feel like were together. So I'm going to go into my husband bill a little a home game that we have to go into their I am going to rest play I'm GonNa, put it up on Youtube than just GonNa do it lie And all my kids are GonNa join this gotTa do right. So on that Monday, I told a couple of friends because they asked me. You know, what am I doing for this virtual? Little. Stint we're going through and I said, well, I'm going to be doing a Cardio string session on Monday and if your kids want to join yet. Fill. Free. It's you know on Youtube is public so feel free to join and they said, yeah. Okay. So literally, on the Monday I started the workout and started with the warm up and I looked at, you know how many viewers students your viewers, right. So I have probably about seventy five kids and about sixty joined and I said, okay, we're doing good. You know you have a couple of slackers here and There, but we're doing good about sixty of the seventy five right. So I get through the warm up and then checking out the computer because you never know because you know the kids could just log on and off right? So I'm like numbers probably went down but I looked up and literally the numbers just shot up and it was sixty kids start than it was a hundred kids and then it was two hundred kids. Kids a couple thousand kids it was insane. First Class

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