This Is Not A Typo: One In Four Animals Known To Science Is A Beetle

Short Wave


You're listening to shortwave. From. NPR. Safai here with NPR science correspondent Nell Greenfieldboyce now Maddie. Let's just start off with this wild fact that Beatles are a quarter of all animal species Beatles. Okay. That's all known animals on known animal species, and this is a key key distinction. Now. there's this famous biologist named J. B S. Haldane and he was once asked what science had revealed about God and he said that the Creator apparently had a quote inordinate fondness for Beatles. That is this quote and you know he just noted that there are so many different kinds of beetles. It's staggering. There's around four hundred thousand known species, and that's you know as you said, a quarter of all known animals and new ones are being discovered all the time I mean, how are more people not talking about this now like why did I have to turn thirty to learn this fact I've been reporting on science for a long time and this went hit me too and I don't know what to tell you. I just I came across this fact and I was kind of staggered by it and my initial reaction was. Let, me understand why it is that Beatles are so uniquely diverse and then I realized Oh this story actually is a little different than I thought. So today on the show, the amazing biodiversity of Beatles and the other animal giving Beatles a run for their money for the title of most diverse critter, you're listening to shortwave a daily science podcast about Beatles from NPR. That's moved into anybody notice this show just become about Beatles. Part One Four hundred thousand part series.

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