Big Brother All-Stars | Live Feed Update | Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020


Of a day, but it's definitely still had some elements of. Fire. Elements of fire. So. We started the day Danny Nicole, we're talking. Danny. was talking about how like now now that she squashed things with Tyler. Just know who to target. Like who who do I go after I've been wanting to go after tyler. But now now, what happens now who do I go after? I know what I think. That's what's been happening. This whole season is that they already had their targets pretty much lined up from a couple of weeks before. She kind of toying around with Ian a little bit like what not he and yet. So I'm not actually sure where she ended up landing but I know that they're trying to find a new narrative a new person to point the finger towards. Nicole says probably, Kevin Kevin's the the option. But because she says. Co Cody will be so pissed if we went after tyler. Wouldn't be if they went up to tyler. I mean, I don't think that tyler is in the clear after this week, he's definitely been putting in a bit of work with Christmas Chris kind of public enemy number one still even though they're pretending to kind of be all good with her, and so I wouldn't be surprised if from tyler was a casualty but I don't think that Nicole would pulled that trigger. Day talks to Danny and Kinda changes her mind a little bit I think on the Tyler situation because. She lets Danny know that when she talked to tyler about wanting to quit he said. That Danny? was trying to come after him that he was not lying about Danny, but that he said he would say lying about Danny. And Danny says that he told me that he said he was lying. And this is apparently not what he said that pisses me off while I think this is going to be a big problem for tyler actually. Danny did have a conversation later on the day with Nicole talking about the fact that you know tyler is still saying these things about her. So she is actually thinking of maybe targeting tyler so. You need to fix that quick. Yes. She's. She's not not pleased not pleased that. David talks to Enzo. Their relationship has been developing this week because they both want to stay. David is telling him that.

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