Best Movies of All Time (and a hint of Galaxy's Edge) - burst 02


In there. Really try to get sister act on this list. I had to fight really hard. I've tried to show data to two clips and he just doesn't have sister act and sister act two. I said look at how good that wasn't. He said what are you talking about? I'm so bored right. You try to get to watch the fired the navigator and Philip like man. I'm intrigued I said I'm bored. I just didn't like sister act because what he was a little bit of a jerk in it. She was like criticizing that Nuns Voice. Shoes like sing louder than she pushed her. I trust her. What's a girl because guys have Adam's apple apple I think it was an Eve's plum? Oh that's it is. That now is that it's not actually. It's called well. It's not actually called Adam's apple either. What's it called? I don't know why I wonder why it's called why we why people call an Adam's apple because it's cool anyways I don't care anymore. She liked pressed on her female. Adam's apple yeah and she and she got louder and I was like I'm done but let me replay it for you again. Okay he's like. Hey give me a ton CA here. Give me the. And then she's like check your battery right and moves her. Oh and then. She gives an a on the board. And and then the lady bird the young lady. That's supposed to be seeing and then we'll be says no louder like a big big room and I'm in the back and I can't hear you as she goes and she slams who fingers into her female Adam's apple and then all the nuns. I couldn't believe that came out of her mouth. Yeah we thought awful and somehow Daniels said he was bored.

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