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Hello and welcome to trump inc a journey into the business trump from WNYC and Propublica I'm Ilya Marritz. All through the Ukraine pressure campion and the impeachment. The United States was pushing the Ukrainians to make an energy deal with an American company a deal that didn't make much business sense to the Ukrainians the cabinet secretary pushing this deal Rick Perry ended up in a position where he could have profited from it. Today on the show we're going to tell the story of how little no-name Company. Found a powerful advocate in Rick Perry and Perry was becoming known as one of the three Amigos working with Rudy Giuliani on his campaign for dirt on the Biden's in Ukraine. We reported this story with a friend of the show Simon Schuster correspondent with Time magazine Simon has spent years reporting on money and power in the former Soviet Union. It's where he was born yet about fifteen years. Now I've been reporting on Russia and Ukraine and this particular story got my attention around the time of the impeachment hearings actually around October when these two associates of Rudy Giuliani were indicted in the southern district of New York. And that's when we were first in touch and we started looking into what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine especially on the business side. But instead of Guiliani we found Rick Perry over the months we spoke with many people in the US Ukraine and elsewhere with firsthand knowledge of this deal potentially worth billions of dollars that was promoted by Perry. Really successful politician who was the longest serving governor of Texas he ran for president twice and like the president he's done a bit of reality TV. I'm really excited about doing dancing with the stars my daughter's weddings coming up. So I need to be ready to look really good on the dancefloor for her. Down before he was also in the private sector for about two years in between the Texas, State House and the Department of Energy he served on the board of an oil and gas pipeline company going to do what we coal a thought roll. My wife is GonNa to love that move. She's going to bay where his that been. A few months after Perry was cut from the show trump picked him to be as energy secretary.

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