Issa Mailbag

Gettin' Grown


Muscling. To. His own. Then my heart just won't. Be, you right girls I've drowned in you and I won't pool through without you Thank you. I'm not going into that. Praise the Lord Migas. I'm that that is Monroe and Rocco's she is in our trash, but we get to that. How are you had? He is in our trash she is but praise the Lord negatives. Lord Walk. Compact to getting grown. We apologize for the delay this week where a little tie for the party. But we are back and you know just had to take some time because it was holiday weekend. So jaded I, we're both holiday. But we're. Back. And we're excited to join you guys around the kitchen table yet again for some more conversation and commentary about the ghettos of adulting hunting the worst hood we've ever endeavored to live in the good the bad. The ugly. The test trials to twists and turns the temptations in the taxes of being a real Oviedo in the year of our Lord Twenty Twenty. Third. Get where you're doing this. I'm good I had a nice refreshing weakened which. These negatives in their engines. I. Will Get to in the black woman self care but I feel good I feel refreshed and rejuvenate I am towing. Okay. I'm doing well You know I also took a couple of days off of the work and I have been really roaming around my house trying to figure out what to do with myself. It's hard to be here in network since you know work is what happens here especially now since we're all working oh, girl not now that we're working remotely Oh. and. Yeah so I am you know I have been trying my best to leave my laptops in another room and and not bother it. And really just try to. Mentally. Give myself reprieve from thinking so much so that hopefully when I go back to work tomorrow, we'll be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to start a new. Yes man that's it. That's and I am happy and let me tell you something I took her days and I said what are your plans? She said I'm going to work out in the morning and I have I'm getting myself going. To See my admonition this evening very excited about that literally has been a year since you know the world was closed but I'm I know that she's going to fry me about my skin. But. I'm really excited to get a facial I feel like I deserve it and I'm looking forward to it. I'm really excited that you're getting a facial and doing something to take care of yourself and with that being said I have. To get into. So let's get into. A. Woman in. Time.

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