Issa Mailbag - burst 08

Gettin' Grown


PA Tricia. WILL BE BATTLING Gladys Knight. That's glad as young people I'm saying I'm talking about I'm talking about bubbas little sister. Gladys. Yes. Will blame leaving. Me It's going to be. An evening of song and I am all ready rehearsing I've just been walking around my house singing somebody. Tell you all right. Now we're patty things. You are my friend just tell somebody to swing by the house inches on me because I'm not WanNa make when she if she gets wish he gets the water friend we have in Jesus I lead. That's what my soul leaves my body every single time. But yes. I'm excited and I think that that. We thought that we were. We had reached the pinnacle with Brandy and Monica but slipped and say, oh, no, no, no Garoppolo. Fashioned Fair Foundation. Mary Kay in order your fucking Avon together. Now want to have a time girl, fry you some catfish and get you some light bread and beat us down to the kitchen table. We not wait are going to see pat in gladys do get out down to the various gladys allows you. Oh. Oh my God. My Tussey will be under my arms. We are about to live I cannot wait. Oh, what a time we'll be here I don't even cannot wait,

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