He was being called a racist. He was being criticized Joe Biden pointed to the Republicans criticizing


Doing what? For during businesses in San Francisco's Chinatown in late February. And Trump's exchange with an Asian reporter in the Rose Garden. That was a big deal about that, right? So, of course, Nancy Pelosi. Now, keep in mind. The president. He is. At that time banning the flights from China and U K, and he's being criticized the racist. Now they're saying that Hey, keep this this parts and most important, He wasn't taken it seriously. He wasn't Being honest with the American people. He was misleading us because they don't want to panic. Anyone. But if you go back, Tio February. Nancy Pelosi. Here's K P I s ex business owners in San Francisco's Chinatown are struggling with a slump in business due to fear surrounding the Corona virus. K p X five's and Mackovic is live as House Speaker Nancy

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