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So Patrick Bones got a contract for $503 million, a small sum and when you hand out a contract that big Apparently with the Chiefs were fine to do it, but they had to take some extra steps when they had that kind of deal. Now, apparently, the Chiefs have gotten insurance. On the Patrick Mahomes contract. Now the crazy thing about this that I have to be totally honest with you. I don't even fully understand this because it says that there was a report from ESPN about this in the report it talks about how One. The Chiefs are naturally protected if the Holmes has serious injury, but the other thing was, and this is the weird thing is that apparently they can get salary cap relief from this in shorts. If Patrick Mahomes gets hurt now, the thing that bothers me is nobody's explained that I do not get that because it wasn't described the everywhere I've looked. It's been described as insurance, which I would figure they went to an insurance company of some kind. And got a policy on it. You know what I mean, but it was described as a restructure. Can I go to Aflac and get them to take money off the salary cap? Is Alice works. If I just get a Gusteau hunk and Howie Roseman, we could take money off because if we can, I'm all for it. Let's sign everybody. Two deals like that. The Eagles need it more than anybody. If they just put everybody on insurance for their contracts. They don't have a captain at all. They could sign, however, they what they could assign Mahomes for 60 year. Why not? I mean, it's I don't get that. So I have no idea what that is exactly. But there is something fascinating and unexplained about Patrick Mahomes insurance for his contract. And if you know anything about this does again This does not make sense to me. I follow so many NFL contracts. I try to be up on that stuff, the new trends and everything. So so when they signed deals or deals get reworked or whatever I can tell you what the hell is going on. I want to know that stuff is it's complicated and I like to explain it to people when I can, but you get insurance on a deal. And I've heard that about players getting it before. I've never heard anything in my life about salary cap relief for insurance. It doesn't make sense. So in less Mahomes and his agent, and the chief's worked out something in the deal. The after They signed the deal, by the way, because this just got announced unless they worked out something differently. Like I don't know what is going on. They're so just a very weird happening. With Patrick Mahomes and his contract but anyway to 1559 to 94 94. That's how you joined the show. And we could get into a lot of things tonight. I we've got to get back to the big story here because if you've missed what happened today with the Eagles and Zach Ertz It's getting ugly. Just before the start of the season, Right? Just as we're getting to the point of the years, finally going to get going, The Jason Peter stuff is resolved. He's playing left tackle. Everything seems to be burning a little bit right? Because you did have those negotiations with Jason Peters and whether or not he's going to play and Matt Prior's out there getting killed by just sweat. And then you have the the report from Jeff McClain, which says the Doug was desperate to hold on to my grow. He announced that he was going to hold on to my growing Carson Waltz, the wide receivers coach. Howie Roseman it, Jeffrey Lurie said. No, we're not going to do that and got rid of him like that's all been going on now. And you have the Zachary contract negotiation Now for hurts. The situation has been the basically George Kittle. And Travis Kelsey are the other two guys in the top three tight ends in the NFL. Right? That top tier is Earth's Kelsey and kill. Those are the guys so When Kittel and Kelsey Get new top of the line contracts and the previous top of the line deal was $10 million a year 10 Now. They reset it to 15. Massive increase. A couple of weeks ago, the Eagles offered hurts about it. $10 million a year. Not exactly a compliment. Not exactly way of saying that we want you and once that happened. It was reported that hurts and his agent They're not having those negotiations anymore. The negotiations quote abruptly halted unquote. So not good, not good at all. When you think about Earth's and the kind of player that he has been for this team since he's been here, which is Hall of Fame caliber. I mean, this is a franchise great. We're talking about this guy that is totally in line with what you want in a player, right? He's not going around and partying and making himself look like an idiot. There's no Zach Ertz scandals. It's like him and wholesome things with his wife, who also happens to be a world class athlete like that's all it's been Carson Wentz loves him, You know, it's just like everything with Earth's has been great, and now it's starting to get ugly and the turn of this where this really goes up another level. Zach Ertz was being asked about the contract situation and this is just from a couple of hours ago. Listen to this.

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