Upper West Side Divided After New York City Opts To Move Homeless Residents From Hotel Lucerne


People we've been staying at an Upper West Side Manhattan hotel will be moved soon. The announcement from City Hall last night drew applause from resident Lisa Levinson, who watched his several ambulances and a fire truck pulled up at the Lucerne Hotel before 7 A.m.. We've seen urination belligerence belligerence towards towards people. people. It's It's just just been been the the fear. fear. We We have have senior senior citizens citizens that that don't don't leave leave the the building, building, take take their their daily daily walks walks because because they're they're afraid afraid to to go go out. out. The attorney representing a coalition of Upper West Siders, who threatened to sue former Giuliani administration official Randy Mastro called it a win win for the homeless men and for the community to the mayor's credit. He listens to the community and addressed a crisis. Those who welcomed the men to the neighborhood called the opposition racism. City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal called it a sad day when the mere threat of a lawsuit can get City Hall to reverse a decision. On

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