Violence in the streets of America. Current president is just equipped


The country when it comes to issues of Policing and race in general, saying he would commission or establish a commission on race and policing out of the White House and that proposals like Making sure that the federal minimum wage is $15 an hour is the kind of thing that can help list people out of poverty out of difficult circumstances and perhaps just make their lives a little easier. So far different approach and response to his visit. The Wisconsin Lieutenant governor Mandela, Barnes. Who is himself a young black leader in Wisconsin on CBS this morning on Friday, praised bite it. For doing what he did the way he did it. He had joined other state leaders and raising concerns about these visits. He said he was concerned about President Trump coming because he had said nothing. About the 17 year old who had shot two people in the streets of Kenosha in response to the Unrest there, but Had been so willing to speak out of arms of violence generally. And I said Biden and a far better approach to this and that he was willing to come to Wisconsin and listen. You're talking about Kyle Riton House Thie 17 year old who's been charged with murder for killing of the two protesters and shot a third. What's next on Biden's agenda? He has plans in the next week to visit Michigan, another key battleground state that polling By

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