30 Miles Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


I. It's. From she wind binder DOT com. We have another wine review. This one's little different in kind of the same same time. It's from all. Three dollars and seventy five cents is fourteen, ninety nine. It's a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. THIRTY MILES NAPA Cabernet Sauvignon twenty-seven teen. Shot. I don't know about fifteen dollars for an all. Usually for a storebrand, they have some advantages in pricing. So a seven, nine nine. storebrand trader Joe's. Grocery store. No matter. Is probably equivalent to attend a twelve dollar one. And a regular basis just because there's no, there's no marketing there's no advertising. You know there's a lot less distribution costs. There's just those costs and the difference between a legitimate. Eight dollar wine and. Then twelve dollar one is usually significant. There's usually more. Wine production techniques taking place. You know the really inexpensive wines, they very simple productions it styles dot good and bad. But you like a little bit more involved production techniques, slow up extra money there for that, and you can get that at a lower price with storebrand. But a fifteen dollar naphtha cab. I expect a fifteen dollar. Any fifteen dollars ready to be pretty good. And the difference too in a fifty dollars to Cabraha. Twenty. Isn't all that much it's usually marketing. It's usually. More well-known winery. You know. Better better av a little higher status in a it's usually. This wine that much better. Sometimes, it's that much better but the fact. that. So little has it here to buy a fourteen, ninety nine. All, these Cabernet Sauvignon. Because what was actually? kind of bargain is, is it a Barton? Actually. It's a good wine I've been drinking. But the economics are cheap wine change go to fifteen bucks but here's the one thing the solar for me. All these nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, champagne last year was one of the best wines I hadn't twenty nineteen and every sparkling wine had Susan I've got an answer to that and it's I haven't had a lot of. The website I love it bad some wines but none of them came close to that so far. So taking a chance on all be one. Hasn't been that much of a chance and this is really good. It's. Intense. It's got good flavor. Well, balanced nice wine. If you just want WanNa fifteen dollar one that I don't know it's actually a twenty one or twenty, three dollar one only perfect fifteen. All these polls, the trademark took their their brand names. You can tell trader Joe's wine to make support them which helps a little bit by going on the National Trade trademark registry. Will come. Lose the gadoe trademarks. You'll how if a whole nother story? But you gotTa know what direction that one came from. With all the owning the trademark. You don't nothing. But that means they also can. If the economics of the original deal change, they can go out and. Get a new producer. Whatever happens there they can still change. Even though I think was released twenty nineteen. Sit around while my all didn't have until recently. It's been around. There is there is A. Cabernet Sauvignon Glut Napa and Sonoma. Stuff. They had bumper crops for couple years in a row. And then Calvin nineteen pretty much shut down all the restaurants which are exactly where they were selling a great deal I. N. Cabernet, Sauvignon. And then big to do gatherings shutdown. People who are buying wine are not having people over that they don't know where they've been. So there's A. Glut been exasperated by what's going on. You'RE GONNA start seeing Cabernet Sauvignon. Selling. Cheap cheap earth GonNa see brand you've never heard before. And then they'll go away in two years come out because they can't just hold off the stuff backing here you're stacking up next year is release.

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