Caught Offside: 2020-21 EPL Season Preview PART 2 (mailbag, Mowbray and more) - burst 16

Caught Offside


Is talking about Marcelo balestre nonstop. The season should be fun We hope to see fans back in the Stan soon enough but. Without. That's Above all of those wishes and predictions. Just. Just WanNa. Get back to normal play now. Oh my God you said Hey Guy Mowbray this is always fun I'm sure we'll catch up during the season as well. Thanks so much man. Chairs Guy. Our thanks to God now. Bray awesome. Love talking with him. Yeah that was great. It was such insight. I'm very disappointed in our snow. I mean, if you're going to cut costs I, think that message Ozil should be the first one to go not the ice cream machine. What is that about? It, he might be why the ice cream machine was taken away. Scandalous all available funding had to go to his contract own believable is gone. It's a shame. It's a real shame I also not holding out much hope for those promoted sites. Yeah which I'll get to in our predictions. Okay because. You Know Me Andrew. I'm beholden to start statistics and. The stats don't

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