The Racing Family that Death Couldnt Stop

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Welcome back everyone to pass gas As always. I'm your host, Nolan Sykes joined by my friends. One Joe Weber. What's up? And I'm sorry, I'm trying I'm trying to bring the energy, but this is also a very somber script already, and so I want to be entertaining Bhai also want to. Honor respectful. Done that. Be Entertaining, but respectful. And James. Humphrey. You hear him talking now. To, two. The river. All right anyway. gas. So today's are two part our second part of our story on the Isle of Man. T T we're talking about the Dunlop family, are you guys ready to get into it I? Am I think I just want to point out I. Think you're man is the one of the six nicknames I've ever? That's a great and I said well good. It's so it means it means you're a nice guy. It. Yet. It's a rare nickname that sounds really cool. But it also means you're Nice Kylie. Guy that the go-to guy whenever anything needs to be done. Man He's your man. Love it. Great. Start to great episode. Let's dive into it when Marjorie and Ian Forest and their twin teenage sons moved to their house on Douglas Road on the isle. Of Man. One. Of the things they look forward to was the opportunity to watch the legendary I'll of man tourist trophy races from their front yard after all, it's not every day that you can watch the best road racers in the world. Take a corner, your corner in front of your house at speeds of over one hundred, twenty miles an hour. Unfortunately, the forest family had no idea what they were in for on a practice day in two, thousand five, they heard a crash outside Yawkey Carlson, a Swedish racer had run into their gate and flipped into their garden. The Swede was severely injured. Medics rushed to the scene, but there was nothing they could do Carlson's name joined the two, hundred, fifty plus other men who had died on the t course. The horror didn't end there though officials told the forest family that was to logistically challenging to delay the practice and move Carlson's body instead who Carlson was zipped into a body bag on the Front Garden for ninety minutes as the road marshals waited for practice to end, all the garrisons could do was closed their curtains and forbid their sons from looking outside. We'll I got. Doubts pretty awful. there's no way around it. Motorcycle racing is dangerous. Even riding a motorcycle daily traffic puts you at risk of dying in a crash twenty, nine times higher than that. If you were in a car at the same time, motorcycle riders and racers understand that danger. In fact, it's part of what draws them to the sport. Unfortunately, there's no real way around risking your life unlike cars where technology has greatly improved safety and driver protection motorcycle crashes, you're basically experiencing the equivalent of a no seatbelt through the windshield accident every single time. And as dangerous as motorcycle racing is the Isle of. Man. T he stands out as a full degree of magnitude more dangerous than the rest. First of all public road courses like the Isle of Man were writers have to contend with what they call the furniture. That's sick. They're talking about telephone poles, ditches, garden walls. These are much more dangerous than closed circuit courses or dirt bike riding and racing. While those races do see fatal accidents there hasn't been a deadly crash in a speedway race since twenty sixteen and in the twenty years before that, there is an average of less than one year similarly motocross raced at much lower speeds also sees lower fatalities unlike public road races. These courses are designed with plenty of room to minimize danger to the writers. So if Motorcycle Race Games skydiving public road courses are like base. Base jumping in a wing suit taken an already dangerous activity and bringing it as close to the edge as possible. However, even among public road races, the Isle of Man is easily the most dangerous in the twenty seven years. The T T was part of the World Grand Prix, championship thirty, six racers died on the isle. Of Man. Obviously. More than one year. In comparison at Imatra, there were two fatalities in sixteen years at Hockenheim, three deaths in twenty six years. The second deadliest race after the man was a circuit day SPA francorchamps which. Baby Franker Jam Cams, which saw ten deaths in thirty five years making the Isle of Man and average four times deadlier than even the second most deadly race.

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