Today's celebration through baseball.


Shell pens. Total performance line. Major League Baseball is honoring the 1/100 anniversary of the Negro leagues. With all players, managers, coaches and umpires wearing a commemorative patch on their uniforms. The logo will also appear on bases. And the lineup cards. The celebration had originally been scheduled for June 27th but was postponed when the start of the season was also delayed because of the Corona virus. Joining us now on the shell pencil performance line is Bob Kendrick, president of Negro Leagues Museum, Bob This celebration, of course, had to change like we said, because of covert 19. How were you able to continue that? How successful do you think it's been so far? I tell you what, guys. It has been tremendously successful and really because of Corona virus. We had to come up with alternative strategies and approaches. Just from heightened interest in what was going to be a truly milestone year long celebration, But what we've seen, particularly from our friends over at Major League baseball And the Players Association. Is this just embracing of this milestone and perhaps everything that we've gone through with the corona virus pandemic and even the social unrest. That has been so prevalent in recent months as heightened and made this celebration that much more meaningful. Bob really appreciate your time. You know, you mentioned the MLB and the MLB Papa and what they've done. I mean, a $1,000,000 donation to the museum back in February, and you're talking about highlighting things also there, there have been three former presidents that took part and this celebration if people miss that and don't know what that was all about, tell, Tell everyone what happened there. Here you are again. This was more out of this institute and we created. You know, June 27th you mentioned in the lead in what going to originally be this national day of recognition. For the legalese, which in itself was unprecedented. This is the first time that all majorly change. We're going toe out of the vehicle, so we were going to do and in stadium, keep your cat to the League with fans and clear again and stadium. Well, when it became very apparent that this was going to take place on June 27th and at that time we didn't even know win if and when baseball was coming back. And so just, you know, trying to find a way to salvage some about plan. I came up with this crazy idea

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