Source: Seahawks CB cut after hotel guest sneak


Tom Powell Sarah the NFL network just tweeted this that the seahawks cut rookie cornerback chemists sovereign this week. After he was caught on video trying to seek a female visitor into the team hotel per team espn is not reporting this. This is Tom Pal Cerro of the NFL network but a clear message said, and he followed that up saying the woman was wearing seahawks gear in an attempt to skies as a player he is told did not work. So we'll wait and see if that ends up being true but even if it's not my God, what an unbelievably rookie thing to try and do if there is one word we've been talking about show that Manson grace. He put the effort in he with the effort into trying to get her disguised this. Like believed this thing that we're worried about in all of this like well, we're going to laugh at this like this is the kind of thing that torpedoes everyone's efforts. In all of this we're joking about it, but the real aspect is it's the rookie. Younger. And hopefully. The will hold. Hold him accountable especially because if you want a successful season you have and we have to say his name in the public unfortunately because that's what made the NBA players I believe stay on point after seeing what happened to. Lou will so yeah no that the public accountability and it's almost public shaming of it. We talked so much in the NBA they had that chatter line everyone called snitch line, but. Sometimes calling people out like that in the midst of the bubbles the difficult thing but you want to do what's right in terms of health and safety on this absolutely wants you and I think it's no joke when it comes down to it, we understand that everyone has needs and this is why we're joking about the guest list and who's who gets in WHO's not. But the reality is that we've got to play it safe, and if you want to be successful in order to play, don't risk your self or others and don't try to play it. Cool by dressing her up and your team's apparel just to get around come on come on.

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