Bob Woodward, NBC News And Ruth Bader Ginsburg discussed on The Beat with Ari Melber


I don't WanNa over compliment you. But the full story is what people have come to expect from a Bob Woodward You'RE GONNA. You're willing to stick around here for a little bit more tonight. Or whatever you would like you're the boss, right? Thank you Bob Woodward stays turning to a breaking news update we promised this is building on NBC News reported NBC News Now at this state, and the our has learned Donald. Trump has quote decided to select the federal judge we were reporting on Amy Conybeare to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the supreme. Court that official announcement expected tomorrow, that is an advancement upon where we started in the hour I told you too busy breaking news, Friday Bob Woodward returns, and the story I wanted to tell you about when we come back, we ought to Taylor's family speaking out a lot more ahead on the. It's joy. Reid I'm so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC show the readout every weeknight I'm talking with the biggest newsmakers about the most pressing issues of our time like Joe Biden, the words of president matter, and so as President United States the first thing I'm GonNa do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the American people lovell with them Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Land's bottom we need as many voices as we can have as possible. Sounding the alarm encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions and to follow the science and the data. Senator Harris We send folks into war wearing camouflage.

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