Royal finances explained! Plus, Harry and Meghan talk voting


This is the greatest ever happened to me because Omid actually let me do the intro this week and what do you think it was it a success? Listen this is coming. Off of the top stories, coming out ABC News and in Europe. But this is what makes me nervous maybe I should again hey everyone and welcome to the air pot was that better now you're showing me up. To the airport. Everyone, it's good to be with you. It's Friday that means we've got a whole new list world news and analysis to get through this week and just as the week started out Maggie. I kind of felt like there may not be much going on and as usual proven. Wrong. This episode, we're going to be delving deep into the annual financial report from Buckingham Palace which listen sounds very boring outside. Inside a lot of gems buried a lot of things to talk about. It's obviously a very controversial report because of course, much of this money comes from the taxpayer support the royals and the professional endeavors. So be talking about that. Of course, Harry and Meghan found themselves in their own controversy this week when the British press. Sort of stood up into a tizzy or would say. That comments on the upcoming US election. We'll be talking about that and hearing those comments for ourselves and later on we'll be looking at Prince Charles and Prince William both of whom have launched a landmark climate change based projects in the world of television seems like everyone's getting in on that right now. But before we get into that Maggie, we've got good news this week celebrates. excited. You already know but prince decision is pregnant with her first child a congratulations from US major congratulates. There was exciting when I saw that headline another royal baby I'm -solutely g quite seen by the looks of it. We had the statement from Buckingham Palace. Just before we still starts as a record this show they say her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie Mr Jack Brooks Bank of very pleased to announce that they're expecting a baby in early twenty, twenty one and they say that will have exactly they say the couple of shed the news, the Queen and Prince Philip who on both too loitered within us. That's great. I like a little bit of happiness during this time. We're not getting quite so much to celebrate. That's awesome. So it is possible the pandemic baby boom. So, many friends that have been telling me they're pregnant. Now she is. She's going to be part of the baby boom I. Think it's the first of many Ahmed and it was sweet Eugenie shed the new self on her instagram account. She said Jack. So excited for early twenty, twenty, one alongside the baby. EMOJI and it was a picture of both of them. A pair of little teddy bear shaped. Waist which very. Liver did. Offer me when I thought that pop up on instagram. Absolutely kind of reminded me of when we had a one of those first pictures of Archie from the Sussex is. His little. Foot, you've got to imagine how much pressure and planning goes into a baby announcement these days on Instagram for member of the Royal Family, it's not your typical and we just post a photo of my bump and call it a day. I'm sure that a lot of people analyzing what it was gonNA look like exactly I am still waiting today that we have offers royal tiktok accounts. It's got to happen at some. Hope. It's the clean. Listen if usually is listening, that is the place to do a gender reveal I'm old. I would watch that I would definitely want that Maggie before we move on got to ask how you're doing because you've been out and about this week. Including on a cruise which me To do right now. I know I was on a cruise ship this week, which seems like another world. Knew when I first got that assignment Oh man I think I called you and was I am terrified to go on this cruise right now. Because we cover so many virus outbreaks on ships and you know I covered them in the beginning of this pandemic whether it was diamond princess of some of the other cruise ships that got stranded at sea. So I was terrified but I have to tell you that it kind of blew me away the organization of this ship because I think when you call ask me about it you're like, I couldn't even recognize where you were I mean everyone there looked like they were kind of having a regular cruise but then when you look closer You see all the safety precautions. So you know every single person that had to get tested before they went on board everyone was wearing masks everyone was social distancing. They took it really really seriously all the safety precautions. So my favorite visual image describe as like it was still cruise. So there were people each poolside in their bikinis doing this dance class that was being organized by the cruise company, but they were doing it all in their masks socially distance as well. So that doesn't sum up like cruising in two, thousand, twenty I'm not sure what does. And of course, they took off from Port in Italy, and so they go around the world. So right now, it only goes through Italy. So it's a seven night cruise at starts Genoa ends in Genoa. We got off after two days in Naples but what's really you know kind of an interesting about that as you think about Italy, they were hit so hard the country in Europe that was really hit hard by this pandemic at first, and so the fact that their country that's doing so well, right now and launching cruise. It's unthinkable. Absolutely I mean. It's great to see the tourism business sort of finding again in these times of course, we here in the UK as sort of heading what looks like back into a sort of second wave of swords. But that is a ray of hope I think to see things returning to normal. But of course. I think for many we are reflecting on the impact, of Covid, nineteen and I think that couldn't have been more clear this week when we had the news of the sovereign grant report from Buckingham Palace this is the annual sort of financial report. It's a look at the accounts of older public spending made by the Royal Family in the last financial year that goes up to thirty first this year, and whilst we were looking back on the figures this brief to press a day before the information was revealed. In the papers across news organizations around the world today but the focus really was on the impact of the corona virus on the pursual family, because of course, alongside the sovereign Crohn's which I'll get into in a little bit. The money that the royal family spend on their professional endeavors that charitable work, the travel that goes into that,

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