Amazons Luna, new Echo and indoor flying drones: What you need to know

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Wouldn't these benchmarks ribbon has been all over this welcome band hey. So you spent the last forty, five minutes basically live tweeting in catching every bit of news. There's a lot to break down but let's get to what most people are familiar with the those are echoes speakers. Talk about the new Echo Speaker that looks a bit more globe ish or roundish yet it's a spherical design and Amazon definitely did a good job of keeping a lot of its hardware. CHANGES UPDATES quiet this year there were way more rumors last year, but this year the just you know there wasn't that much that we knew what to expect. We were hoping for maybe a home robot and that didn't really happen what I would argue about these spherical echoes is that people probably aren't GonNa WanNa bother updating their existing echo line with these products they you know unless unless the audio quality and the quality of Alexa, being able to understand you is so significantly better than it makes sense to do that Kabila stick with what they have except for the echo dots for kids which are ridiculously adorable in. are like you know there's like one that looks like a Tiger I. Think there's another one that looks like. Zebra. So I think they did a really good job of making them lot cuter in fetter for kids. Yeah. I noticed that that those are the the process of stuck out my eye because were so unbelievably adorable Annika see my kid like having a conversation with them that sound super. Precious. they did a lot with kids. They offered a kids profile talk about some of the kidnappings as relates to so that the family aspect of Amazon customers yeah. The kid's profile was probably the most significant one which basically. From what I understand about it if you create a kids profile then. You're echoes throughout the House will respond to your kid in kid friendlier kid appropriate fashions that something that you can already do with an echo doubt kids if you set it up that way, this way that feature could in theory follow the kid around the house. So you don't actually have to set up each device specifically for that, which is annoying for parents in case you want to. Listen to music that is in specifically or explicitly kid friendly so that that I would say it was like. One of the more significant amount announcements related to that, and I'm just curious if there were any other any extra privacy features that come with the kids mode. Just so folks don't have to be worried so for for the kids mode. They've they've done that quite a bit already where it's just much more targeted for kids So there are fewer services there are fewer skills You can't ask it a variety of different questions. So that it's much narrower, much more targeted for kids and it's been like that the whole time so. Just, basically, Alexa but much more curated version

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