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Congress meets today to certify Democrat Joe Biden's victory in the Electoral College and a number of Florida Republican lawmakers. Air Planning to vote No University of Central Florida political scientist Aubrey Ju. It says they're making a statement. There are some that just feel that there are a number of irregularities and plus they feel like there are millions of Trump supporters who feel that there were problems with this election. And so they want to register their displeasure. Do it says they know they don't have the votes to prevent certification, and Biden will take the oath of office on January. 20th. Today's epiphany observance in Tarpon Springs will be different because of the pandemic. Joanna Cause a fetus with the Greek Orthodox Church, says the 55 boys diving for the cross in spring by you will be required to wear masks until they jump into the water. We have that strict rules and we will be checking their temperature asking there there. Parents if they have been around anyone or exposed normally, 20,000 people crowd into Tarpon Springs on Epiphany on the annual Glen D party that follows the cross dive is canceled. It's another bill in Tallahassee to take away local control. Bradenton Senator Jim Boy wants the state in charge of Florida seaports. It's called a preemption proposal and would prohibit local governments from restricting or regulating commerce, the size and types of vessels, the source or type of cargo or the number, origin or nationality of passengers. In November, the Florida League of Cities included blocking preemption bills about 140 bills have been filed in the past four years. It includes some form of preemption, a concept that generally involves removing authority of local governments on issues and giving control to the ST John Conrad NewsRadio. WOFL, a Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away on Chris Tranq MAN NEWS, RADIO W F L A.

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