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It didn't. And Jim's focus is just on football. James focuses on how to beat Ohio State. Jim's focuses on how to win the Big 10. And I don't know if he's even concerned about whether you could have a full big house or not when they play home games when Michigan plays home games, I don't even know I just think that he just focused on winning. And so when we put coaches on these these platforms to talk about, well what college football looked like amid you know the Corona virus, and it sounds like that. It sounds like Davos, Sweeney trying to talk about this. Clemson head coach. How it just comes across just, you know, so football centric or my gun Deep Oklahoma State In still water where he's there, and he's just again. It's not about Everything is not about football. It's gotta be about the players is going to be about life and being healthy. And and so Good old Iran. The issue had coached. They just won the national championship last year at Oh, Giron. Is not ready to give up the 2020 season. Just listen to what he tells Vice President Mike Pence. What he said was and I know it's if you know, have a tear for it for that occasion sound that New Orleans sound that Louisiana sound. He just he said. This, he says, I don't think that we can take this away from the players. Take this away from our state in our country. We need football. This is what the defending national championship coach said. Football is the lifeblood of our country. In my opinion, it gets everything going. It gets the economy going. The economy of Baton Rouge, the economy on the state of Louisiana. And so, having said All of that issue is facing an upward battle in the fight against Corbett, 19 The state recorded its second straight day of more than 2000 new cases today. That's 80 for over 84,000 cases, 14 new deaths reported. I'm not giving you a doom and gloom scenario because that's not the topic tonight. What I'm saying is is that Coach shows says that we need football. Go tigers. He says that we need football and you don't take you can take this away from the players. You know? Who's taking anything away from the players. This is life and death right now, especially in the state of Louisiana. And so there is that owes around there with Vice President Mike Pence. And The SEC, along with a few other conferences are just trying to figure out this was the A. C C on the Big 12. We're trying to figure out well. Await. The Big 10 says that were just on ly going to travel to our conference games in the Pac 12 just our conference games. And so the teams in the South of like Ah Yeah, well, she'll figure it out. Even though this is something that's ongoing. We're going through a second wave of this in some places in our country. A bigger topic, though, is not political. The bigger topic is Is it owes Iran right? Or is he wrong? When he says that football is the lifeblood of our country. It's everything going the economy going Baton Rouge? Yeah, I'm sure that's in that state and across a lot of places, Yes. But when he says, I don't think that we could take this away from these players taken away from our state in our country. We need football. Do we need football? 312332 ESPN 3323776 Our phone number When you hear what hardball was saying, and trying to figure out a way to get around. Talking about covert 19 and saying that sports did not sports is not the reason why there's Coben 19 and when you hear Coach Orgeron. Alice. You say that that we need football to it. What is more important in your life, sports might be more important than someone else's life. If that's the case, I want you to tell me that Wait. We get Teo sensitive topics about what's going on in our country. Don't I look as a judge free just a judgment free zone and the reason why is because you and I are both sports fans. And you and I are going to be seen baseball. I don't know if it's going to be a full 60 games, but we're gonna be seeing a baseball here right around the corner. And I want to know just From your standpoint as a sports fan. Is that all drawn right? The coach from L s U Write to do we need football. Is he right or wrong about that? He says. We need football. Do we need football? I'd like to see football, but do we need it? Is football, the lifeblood of our country that we've needed right now amongst this pandemic. Do you need it? I just want to get your thoughts. And if it's Yes, I just want you to be expressed yourself if it's no, I definitely want to hear your thoughts. But when old Ron says, we need football And football is the lifeblood of our country. Well, yeah, I mean, that's a lot of people would say that and some would say baseball. Some was a soccer. Some would say basketball. Whatever your flavor is when it comes to sports. But do we need football? That's the question and guess what The NFL needs to address this pretty soon here on whether or not we're going to have football on time in the regular season. And save your college football in the South. So.

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