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We are underway here with the season we're GONNA to preview three games from Sunday and Monday action but Let's start with the Thursday night game bit of a bit of a bummer for Texans fans this morning. Less of a bummer than it was last time at least but. Kansas City was in total command back total command but Kansas City did what they wanted to do in within the flow of that game I thought Houston, had a solid plan, Gary. It looks like they're going to be a lot more multiple under Anthony Weaver as defensive coordinator, which is. Kind of unique usually. Had to go back and look at this I don't want to generalize, but I want to say when you have defensive line coaches at become coordinators, those guys tend to play straightforward four man rush concept's that's what they've coached. Confident that because he can coaches guys individually weaver was drawn up a lot of different pressure designs which I've gotten to know him a little bit and now that I've seen what he does, it doesn't surprise me looking back on some of the things I've talked with him about. He sees the full game for sure and especially once you get into the box and all the different things you can do in the box I thought they had the right approach against Kansas. City? In mixed in pressure and they mixed in too looks and Kansas City ultimately ran the ball on what happened was the chiefs ran the ball effectively. Yet they they really didn't get any downfield shots. They had no Marcus Robinson drop that one touchdown early on they got overturned on the view that was it it? It wasn't. It wasn't a chief see. Oh, my goodness Joan tyreek hill got loose for a touchdown game. It was just a methodical. Drew Breezy and. Sustained drive offense here can I give you a small confession on that demarcus Robinson play. Yes yeah. But we're going to say not that. I think our listeners know how we like just read on this show now right? Have we gone over Justin read what a good safety he is for Houston. So I this. So this is why September drive me crazy. You know some of these guys are new in their rookies. You haven't seen them before and the slot corner last night for Houston was John Reid number thirty four the re exactly like Justin. So couple of J. Reid guys and I saw him in the slot I saw reading I thought my goodness Justin Reid's playing the slot. He did that last year at. Times once in a while it's not what he does normally but maybe that's what they'll do and then I saw read Justin read again back out on Marcus Robinson played outside quarter and I couldn't believe that I thought my goodness Justin reads now a cornerback and that's that's the story of the game for me but I guess it was John Reid who I saw in the slot. However the interesting thing was it was just and we know that play against Robinson he was outside corner. I. Don't know if it was the only snap he did it I. Guess It was I. Had to watch the film and positive confirm that Kinda thing. But Anyway, just remain a nice play on that ball to Robinson price you catch it but not a lot of safeties would cover that kind of route by by themselves out on the out out wide like that..

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