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Jacob into mockery rush to the nearby village of Grogan to raise the the alarm Lorenzo's wanna-be sons to inform the local mayor while he stayed behind to look after the livestock the men notified let anybody authorities and place the coal to the police chief in meany use of the gruesome massacre spread quickly and bus six. pm a crowd had gathered at him to cough. APEC as authorities had yet to arrive and notably com Barron's took it upon himself to a school and visitors through through the property pointing out the bodies they went one neighbor cautioned him against allowing anyone else in in case they disturbed the crime saying the Lorenzo replied that they were already there and there was nothing hey could do about it. More people traipsed through the building with one guest reportedly pausing the kitchen to fix themselves snack. Five investigators were dispatched from unique along along with two tracker dogs but a slow journey meant they didn't arrive until one thirty a M as it was to dock for them to inspect Crime Sane Zane directed at the Mannheim until I ally they arrived to hint a cough back at five thirty the following morning with a fan Lorenzo should still watching over the farm lead investigator detective George Wrong Rubel and at the Bonn on the buddies of Zia and Victoria Wood beyond the threshold Andreas sincerely was through positioned by the wall where the rents instead left them all for had sustained fatal blows to this goal but there was no blood splatter anywhere except on the door that led to the stables opponents -pecting peacocks propped against the wall detective wrong gruber noted it was clean but took red brown spots on the handle for bloodstains stains. The wren's informed that detective hey believed this was the murder weapon and the cattle must've lifted. Clean investigators made their way into the kitchen. When I noticed the few blood spots on the threshold leading the maid's room in Saude God Maria was fully dressed into lying in the fatal position on the floor appearing as though she had been attacked before she prepared for bed there Arosa some small bloodstains in the hallway leading to the families bedrooms but there were no bloody footprints the room Victoria shared with her two children had been grain sacked with cupboard doors flung open and an empty US papers a notebook and a watch strewn across the bed but but no other areas in the house showed any Sohn's of burglary the roof of Joseph Stalin had been torn apart by a forceful blow and the killer had used one of Victoria skirts to conceal the boy's body he added Kebob. The ban investigators noticed his tae had been spread across the floor and featured several impressions as though one normal paypal headline there Bacon rhines as well as human. The next government were found in the corner. There were also some loose tiles on the roof that could be raised slightly to view the living quarters. Dr Outside as external doors to the property had been locked from the inside investigators wondered how the perpetrator exited at the building following the murders to police dogs were seventy out into the woods to track down evidence but nothing was found it had rained in recent days and much of the snow that had previously covered the ground had since melted away. Detective wrong grew noted in his report. There are no tangible clues about the person's sore offenders mm-hmm statements were taken from local residents including three men who discovered the crime scene Lebron Schlitt and Bella Jacob Siegel and Michael Pell Lorenzo insisted he hadn't let anyone else into the property off funding the buddies to spot several statements to the contrary Hey claimed the family had one hundred thousand marks in cash stashed on the premises yet investigators only found a five mar bill tucked away in a prayer book as such rubbery was the suspected motive for the massacre however the perpetrator ignored many valuables boost in the home including jewelry watches and more than twenty two hundred marks worth of gold and silver coins witness statements were used to piece together probable. Tom Line of events given SEALY's absence from school on Saturday April one. The murders were estimated demanded to have occurred between eight. PM and Eleven PM on Friday March thirty one experiments concluded that screaming inside the bond it could not be heard in the house.

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