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And smoke with the pigeons, and that's the crumbling heart of Gucci. This is like a namesake for this empire, and he is just a broken sad little guy who is getting kicked around and overtaken by people who are more cutthroat and smarter and outside influences. And it's actually like the performance within the sort of Tapestry of the movie really, really worked for me. Now I don't know whether Ridley Scott was like exactly. That's exactly what I was going for when I read this script. Or if he was just like, great. That seems good and that seems good and we're going to move on. And that I think is a question that if he answers if he answers those questions right more often than not in his more recent movies, then you get a good movie. And if he's just kind of like, yada yada is them, you get all the money in the world, you know? You know, I think you're exactly right, and I think what you're describing is about the empowerment of actors. Really loves to work with movie stars. He's incredible at filming framing and platforming movie stars. And this movie is a great example of that. All the money in the world is such a fascinating question there because of course Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are movie stars. But Kevin Spacey was originally J Paul Getty in that movie, and I remember I went back and looked at this before I saw House of Gucci that first trailer for all the money in the world. You guys may remember this. It kind of like culminates in this reveal in the final shot of the trailer of Kevin Spacey in all of this makeup as Getty, and it was a kind of like a boom. It was like an Avengers Endgame kind of like bet you didn't see this coming kind of a moment, and then shortly thereafter all of the revelations about Spacey came aboard, but you kind of felt like they were setting up a similar kind of performance from Spacey to kind of build the movie around. The way this movie is weirdly built around Jared Leto at times in a way that I never expected when I sat down to watch it. I think that you nailed something very specific. Also, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Irons, like, these are very good actors, Academy Award nominated actors who are kind of like playing a little below the taste that we expect from them. I think sometimes, Jeremy Irons is really trying to maintain his level of dignity in this movie, but it's tough. Eh, what was the Jennifer Lawrence spy movie that Jeremy Irons just showed up? Yeah, red Jeremy. It's not below his taste..

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