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You have an Amazon echo to hear the latest news, traffic and weather just say Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on iheart radio voters in Rhode Island. Head to the polls today and that state's primary and in New Hampshire where votes were cast yesterday. The winners are gearing up for the general in November WBZ's, Deb Lawler spoke with Jackie of w g I R in Manchester New Hampshire he gives us a look at how the primary played out starting with Molly Kelly's win in the democratic primary for governor. She won big sixty six percent of the votes, and it really shows that some of the democratic stablishment behind her versus Steve Marsh who ran a little bit left against Governor, Chris, and I it's it's a tough one because he is. Polling very favorably across a lot of lines. I think most even among the Democrats feel that the challenge she'll have is to limit the size of a victory that I think most people feel that he will probably achieve on winning second-term, Jack. Let's go to the first congressional district. Carol shea porter did not seek to run for reelection. And now we have the two opponents any Edwards on the Republican side. And on the democratic side. It's executive councillor. Chris pappas? Yes. The big story here. Deb was Chris Pappas. I mean, he he's been known in the Greater Manchester area. He really ran away with this thing by by twelve points and eleven person field. He he got support from senators has an intriguing the governor John Lynch, he was kind of the in-state democratic establishment Kadam candidates. She was backed by a lot of oddest state democratic interests. But tap assist formidable. He showed it in a very strong race. There were a lot of Democrats running for that nod Levi Sanders was one of them. They saw a Bernie Sanders. Nearby vermont. He doesn't have perhaps the energy tonight acidy or the skill set of his dad he did not do. Well, he he doesn't even live in the district actually lives in the western part of the state, but with the open seat, he ran his father was in New Hampshire recently Bernie Sanders at the AFL CIO breakfast. And really didn't even talk much his sons campaign so eleven people Chris Pappas ran away with Jackie Thad WJR in Manchester, New Hampshire speaking with WBZ's..

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