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El Paso county until six o'clock tonight the area. Is getting hit by thunderstorms house speaker Paul Ryan has this take on President Trump's threat to withdraw security clearances from. Some, former top intelligence official trolling people honestly the White House says some former Intel officials. Have politicized and monetize the security, clearances this comes after former CIA director John Brennan accused the president of treason. After his Helsinki meeting with Ladimir Putin now that meeting resulted in. An invitation for Putin to visit Washington Paul Ryan says he will not expect. The red carpet treatment on Capitol Hill it was certainly not being giving him. An invitation to do a joint. Session that's something, we reserve for allies. The president says Putin may visit Washington sometime this fall seems Ivanka Trump the fashion brand could. Not survive without a vodka Trump herself Ivanka Trump said she envisioned her namesake fashioned Brand to be more about a way of life. Than just what to wear her website included tips on things like how working women could juggle family and career but sales began to slip after she stepped away. From the company. For a White House position now Trump's brand is being shuttered ABC's Daria Albinger the limelight hotel being built in. Snowmass village will be housing the largest indoor climbing. Wall ever built in the state is going to be fifty four feet high and encased in a five story glass. Tower, Rockies play the Houston Astros tonight at Coors field our coverage starts at six first. Pitch at six forty our next, update is at four o'clock I'm Susan Witkin KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and..

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