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Your first box. That's promo code lady for three daily harvest cups. A daily dash harvest dot com. Daily dash harvest dot com. Well, what did this welcome to the lady gang say that again already things are about to change around here? Each week. We catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl posse Kilty night. Becca Tobin at Jack Vanik. Lady gang. I in Becca Tobin with Jack panic and kill tonight. Hello guys. I've probably both my good week. Wait. Okay. I just want you both my good week and my bad week have to do with one of you. Who that I can't about a bad hiding, my notes tell all right? Then that case it's time for good. We yes, it is. That we know going last slab the suspense or now. All right. That's fine. Sure. Now, go first. Ok okay. Good week. Jack Vanik is officially too old to audition for love island. Why how old you are currently casting and you have to be twenty eight. Are you sure I'm over there for the American the American love island that you love so much your to anyone. On it. But that's kind of stuff in aged. I will stay because the U K one. There are people that are like thirty one on. I also think that the older women get the crazier. The roles that are in the bathroom right now that are thirty one and they're considered Cougars. Yeah. I'm killing very offended by only are the crazy craziest. You get to that place in you are. Yeah. One of the girls is like she got yelled at by like twenty three year old. And she started crying a my girl. I understand anyway. Starring Jack love I I was really planning on auditions, Dan. Okay. So I'm the bad week. Yeah. Cool echo. You're good week is trying to crush my role. So it kind of was okay. So beca is the most famous member late again, which we know and recently recently, people magazine did this entire huge roundup of the best celebrity closets ever. And it was like Lisa Vander pump chloe's purse closet and then light down at number fourteen. Is Becca Tobin closet, except your it's the interview I arranged our people. We're in my closet in Moto. Yeah. Well, I don't even have a closet. The thing that I was into you were in. They didn't put me or you in it only back. His closet. They thought that the photo was in my closet, and they're like look at bekker's beautiful closet, build with high fashion. She wears on the carpet on it. If I had a publicist right now. I'd be like sorry. They must have pitched that. But I don't so they just picked it up on their own. That's amazing unborn. She sent me that link. That's exciting. I will. Anyway, you're like it's like Lisa Fanta pump Christie Teagan like all these like amazing housewives in their closets. And then it's you in my closet. Wow. So it was my good week, except it's not because it's not my closet, which is the beta my existence my own closet. All right. Well, I'll do my good week bad week. Okay. My bad week, my next door neighbor has this really beautiful white German shepherd. Her name is Tara and she recently got out and escaped from her fence. And he was frantically searching the neighborhood. We all were there were spotting of her like it was like watching like a very sad. Like what is it police chase the like on next door where people like I saw her on crescent today. But she's so skittish that she doesn't come to people. So she's like scared. Yeah. And they're like he's like my worst fear is that she as stays out too long that she gets. She doesn't eat or drink and dies or she gets hit by a car, whatever. So she's like missing. And I just go on hikes every day. And I'm like, I mean, just looking for the start because the thought of losing or Lee is terrible my worst nightmare and knowing they're out there, and you can't do anything. About it. Like, I don't know how you sleep at night right for stop looking or stop looking. So it was days. So this happened four days ago, they found her. No. That's my good week. Oh found Sarah. She was by the Chateau, mar mama Sarah name, how far is that from their house? So it's like, so it's these fancy she fancy..

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