Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in state at U.S. Capitol

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At the Supreme Court on Friday, late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the first woman And first Jewish person ever to lie in state at the U. S. Capitol. Anita, why hasn't a woman ever help this honor before? That's a great question? You know, they've been doing this tradition since 18 52. And it hasn't been as many people as you might think. It's been about 35. So a lot of presidents, you know other other people, but mostly are obviously this is always for someone who serves in the government. Four civilians have also been honored, but it's not called lying in state. So Congress decides who does this, and, you know, obviously many elected officials in this country until more recently were men. Well, Devlin before the capital Justice Ginsburg lay in repose of the Supreme Court. Can you describe this remembrance was like and who came to pay their respects? Well, pretty much the entire city came to respect it. And it was. It was an interesting Mix because it began as sort of a spontaneous, Ah, demonstration of support remembrance that the very night of her death outside the Supreme Court. And then obviously it morphed into the official pageantry of remembrance. And, you know, I think I think the video that is probably going to be most lasting from that is People chanting against the president when he showed up, you know, I think it says something about the state of our politics right now, that even in you know, a memorial setting That the political anger is so great that people are going to essentially boo the president public. On DH That just tells you what the stakes are of that. You know, her death is obviously sad, and obviously a moment in history. But it's also another. You know another front in this political battle that were that were following Fernando what he tells about Justice Ginsburg's funeral plans and and where shall ultimately be laid to rest? Um, she will be laid to rest on Arlington National Cemetery next to her husband, Marty Ginsburg than in section that is reserved for Former members of the Supreme Court. And today, the Friday will be the on Ly Day that she will be lying in state in the U. S Capitol and the need a set of historic moment is the first woman first person was Jewish Delight in state. Let's remember that Rosa Parks laid in honor at the Capitol Rotunda, but that was 2005. And that is the distinction between laying and honor. And Ling and stay on. Only four people have leant in honor of the Capitol Rotunda. That's Reverend Billy Graham. And to our police, Capitol police officers were shot dead in AA. A shooting in the Capitol in 1998 on then Rosa Parks in 2005. But yes, this will be a very ah, you know? Speaker Pelosi has given the honor to Ah birthday there. Ginsberg to be a two capital dalliances state. Apparently there are some interesting absences, Asari. That way. We know maybe Mitch McConnell and and other members of the Republican leadership not showing up to this event. Well, there's a

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