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With you. He did indeed. About that share and share alike man. That's what that's. What was going on back then and it was fun. Fun and he slid into the next to me and whispered in my ear. Are you the one? And I said why whatever do you mean? Worked, man did work I sit. down. Who'll and that was pretty fun because everyone in the club was wondering. Did she do that. Fantastic man. You knew how to make it happen, and he always happen. He asked you know there somewhere we can go and. I thought heck. Yeah, go to my place. I did drove him to my place. and. How was he? I mean? Obviously we'RE NOT GONNA. Get into details, but I've heard good good things about his prowess. Everything about him is fantastic. Yeah, what a sweet! Loving intelligent man. And he's still just. Playing away. Isn't it so cool? He just wanted to have fun and to walk out of the whiskey with him, and how everybody watch such a coup and I was so proud of myself. and then I knew I had the hook and line because I had a sixty nine purple cougar. Automobile, And I knew he loved cars. I made sure I drove that car. Oh, my father had a fleet of wonderful muscle cars and I knew. Your father had a fleet of Muscle car. Father was a car dealer at one point and. Had Access to a lot of wonderful vehicles. And I saw that one and. Course he wanted to drive it. How great man and he did. And I took him home. Good for you, honey and we had a great time on a lot of a lot of a lot of talking and I was surprised at how well we connected quite frank. Good. Was that when the Jeff Beck Group are a little later, we'll host was drumming. Oh, so that was a little later. When he was at just playing as himself as south. Show that I went to the performance that he went to around that time was at the San Bernardino, Swing Auditorium So we gone to that. Show afterwards which you know I was very excited to be in front of Molly. Performance this Oh. That's always the best to be onstage with. Someone watching them perform knowing. You're going to just be with them later. There's nothing like that kind of of rock and roll magic. Absolutely he was really a kind of a dream. Come true that I actually pulled that off with shocking. To, myself. And that Y- There was a lot of work. Put behind that mean. There was a lot of thought processes, and you know absolutely. Thought if cozy. When harmon said what a Great Time Dad. Any totally worked. One of my favorite bands was the Jeff. Beck Group. With Rod Stewart singing and he was brand new on the scene, and what a character! He already had a huge huge ego before he you. Anyone knew who he was, but that that band was so great his album truth is one of my very favorite records. And I. Guess. I can talk about this now because i. I couldn't write about it. because I wasn't in the room when it happened, but several of the GTO's. at Frank ZAPPA's cabin. Saw Jeff Beck. Give himself. Oh. Wow. Did you notice that he was quadruple? Joining like that I did not. I missed that one Dr. if we can keep this in, but. He I saw him years later, and the girls came running out and saying Oh my God. You can't believe what just happened and I was very upset that I missed it tired, and I actually tried to put it, and I'm with the band and the attorneys reading the books that if you didn't witness it, you can't write about it. I could have had I been in that room, but side Jeff many years later Helena's. and. He thanked me for not putting it in my book and Little Dino I. Tried Oh there. You Go, because what a wonderful to be able do. Absolutely. Very telling. More talented than anybody. NEW GTO sought three of them. I have such fun memories of him just I mean he was just fine on me to you know. He played on our record and he was. He played on Mercy Song. And couple songs on on the GTO's record, and he was just a doll. His whole band was. So. We sure have some great memories memories. Yeah, I have absolutely done beyond anything I ever imagined I. Do in Life Much Fun I look back and I have. Great Memories, no regrets no regrets down here off ever couple regrets for things I didn't. Have done. That's that's the whole chicken you regret the down to. Glory I things I could have a couple of amazing things. I could have done that I, you know. have a date with Elvis and things like that. But I. You know I don't regret anything. I actually did high end tickets to see Elvis through Elmer Valentine and didn't go. There is a prime example, so we both have been storing dis. Yeah I. Had someone call me up and say Elvis needs a date tonight to come up to his house and Watch TV. It was Larry Geller who did his hair and was his spiritual adviser. And I had just gotten engaged to Michael and I said no I better not. Later I told my only didn't. What were you thinking? Of course you should have gone out there. And, anyway only regrets for things I. Didn't do well see. That's the way it goes for real. So tell me about now. HOW IS DD Keel? Now I am wonderful. Yeah, I am I. Guess Well Still Working for the Public School district and you've been a teacher. I'm the detention supervisor. Supervise a middle school. That is so fantastic. The Keel is a detention supervisor well. I have to say is really funny. How that even came about I I wanted my family thought it was time I got a real job They wanted me to apply at the city, the county and the local school district. I did I went put applications into to all of them and I got called back I got I got offered the job animal control at the county of Orange and offered the job as the AFC attendant at the school district I wanted to work with children, so I took that job, not knowing exactly.

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