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Shoko zd childhood dreams had been dashed in his view humankind had betrayed him once again his life was a long list of disappointments in which the world had let him down first by rejecting and for his background second by alienating him for his disability and third by rejecting him from law school and now the japanese people had spoken in a clear voice they did not accept him after the 1990 elections shoku became a vengeful got and took thousands of his followers to an okinawan island where many believe he attempted to direct his followers in a mass suicide although his followers were likely the only ones to vote for him shoko didn't care the value of human life meant nothing to him now but put under pressure by the media who anticipated his intentions the vengeful god called off his retreat in 1992 shoko published a manifesto titled declaring myself the christ where he claimed to be the lam of god sent to purify the world of sin and quoted matthew 24 nine quote then shall they deliver you to be afflicted and shall kill you and ye shall be hated of all nations for my namesake and quote in the same year shoko declared war on japan the united states the freemasons the british royal family why though japanese religions and judaeism claiming they were the dark forces that he was anointed to defeat according to shoko the us was spreading rampant materialism which was negatively influencing the culture of japan in 1994 when law enforcement began to suspect his development of biochemical weapons shoko denied the claims insisting the american and japanese military aircraft had flown over his facilities and sprayed biochemical weapons on his compound goes followers believed that he was the target of the poison gas not the producer they conveniently forgot these lies just a few months later when he directed them to use the gas he had in fact produce to kill his enemies the doomsday element of shoko skuld also became more significant after his failed 1990 election campaign in the 1980s shoko simply wanted to prepares people for the impending apocalypse now enraged at his political defeat he wanted to.

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