New York Yankees to host Miami Marlins in the Bronx


Though the Yankees aren't going to be playing their wild card, Siri's in the Bronx, they would like to go into the postseason playing much better than they are right now. Just haven't played clean enough baseball and obviously we're gonna have to do that if we're going to reach our goal. Aaron Boone's Yankees, losers of five out of six after the Marlins top them for three on Friday, and extras they hit into five double plays, committed four errors. Aaron Judge called it a mental mistake. I'd rather get him out of the way now. Davey Garcia starts against Miami this afternoon at the stadium, Don Mattingly and his Marlins getting their long playoff drought out of their way. Their win and Philadelphia's lost to the Res clinched their first postseason berth since 2003 emotions come out. Start thinking about Jose. Four years ago. You know what we've been through here? Just the whole thing, just kind of all sudden. Comes out yesterday, four years since the tragic passing of Jose Fernandez

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