California wants to ban gas-powered cars, but is the auto industry ready to go all electric?


The trump administration is not pursuing climate-friendly Policies California is Governor Gavin. NEWSOM this week pledged to ban all sales of new gasoline powered vehicles in the state by twenty thirty, five California consumes a lot of gas and would be the first state in the country to enact this kind of blanket ban. So what would it mean for the auto industry and for the state's economy marketplace's Jasmine Garcia reports remember that SNL skit the Californians, it's a spoof on how much time Californians spend behind the wheel. Take to the. Age of forty five doors and liftgate dump you onto Mohali Blah. There's something to this California is the largest consumer of motor gasoline in the nation banning the sale of gas powered cars starting twenty, thirty, five cents a message to an auto industry that's been sluggish on change says Ethan L. Kind Director of the climate program at UC Berkeley. Look if you want to do business in a major market, like California, fifteen years you better get going but industry insiders say the ban accelerate the inevitable sam for any with auto forecast solutions. Industry believes that the next big thing is vs the problem is the pricing on visas still expensive it's still takes a while to. Charge charging him structure is building, but it's still not everywhere we needed to be and even with the ban on purchases, it's going to take a long time to get all those gas powered cars off California's roads says Georgia with Sony head of the Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research cars have two three lives. You buy a new car then you sell it maybe five years later, and if it's a good car might through two or three different cycles overeat sales, right. But as the state continues to grapple with climate change, many Californians feel time is of the essence of Jasmine guards for marketplace.

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