Why a dedicated Zoom device makes sense

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You'll recall that earlier this week I had a lot of fun with that new Microsoft Eighty, five inch dedicated device for teams meetings. It's only twenty two thousand dollars little much for my budget I. Don't know about you but it's been a week for dedicated video meeting devices after that Microsoft announcement though I gotTa love, Amazon's answer which came later in the week, a dedicated ten inch unit for two hundred, fifty dollars the echo show ten, which lets you go through Alexa to connect to zoom skype or Alexa to Alexa direct calls two hundred and fifty dollars. Twenty two, thousand dollars I think I'll take the cheaper one Alex, thank you. I think these dedicated devices when they're priced, right make a lot of sense i. mean think of the kids were stuck at home taking school on their laptops. Now, they could have one more unit just displaying the teacher and lessons which would give their hands free for schoolwork and no taking on the laptop make sense for those of you who are taking meetings all day. The same issue applies isn't it hard to take notes when your laptop screen is filled with Speaker video windows. Plus this way you wouldn't have to worry Webcam placement after all his best to be at eye level which most people ignore and not have the Webcam looking up your Chin that requires putting the laptop atop of a bunch of books which gives you a better look, but it makes it really hard to type. So the savvy speaker or student would have to constantly move the books around that dedicated service on the desk would solve the issue living atop the. Books that could just stay there and not have to be moved around. So Amazon has the echo show ten, which will be out later this year it'll let you connect the Webcam to the TV via the hundred and twenty dollar fired TB Cube device. So so maybe it won't be watching eighty five inches how about fifty or sixty sounds pretty good p particularly when you consider that you can buy a good fifty inch these days for about three hundred dollars. Now, the Amazon solutions won't be available until later this year. But if you have a facebook portal video chat device, you can use the dedicated unit now to connect to zoom because the update started rolling out today. The portal started one, hundred, twenty, nine dollars, and they're available in three sizes at eight, inch, ten inch or fifteen point, six inch. The addition that connects the TV which is called. Portal. TV is not yet supported for the zoom calls meanwhile, that's not all folks next week on Wednesday Google holds its annual fall hardware product event where it's expected to unveil a new top of the line smartphone and updated streaming device and a new take on the nest home hub video display unit last year's nest. Didn't work with zoom or initially even with Google's meat though it does now but not zoom zooms coming later, and I know I can pretty much rest assured that the new Google video display unit we'll be working with zoom and hopefully working well

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