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F. around high school hairy and now i think tristen hill may also be on the list. If he doesn't get his ass back in plan he could wind up without a job with the dallas cowboys. You're pretty soon. And that's kind of crazy to say considering how he kind of came along at. The end of the season last year and a lot of people were having expectations for tristan hill. Coming into this year is being beginning. Beginning of last year he finished up on our yeah. I'm sorry that'd be. There was a portion there at the beginning where people were very excited about him. And now finishing up on i r and then not being ready to go in the preseason. His clock is ticking. He is kinda i. I think he's on he. I don't think he comes off a pup well and then you it'll the cowboy cowboys probably going to take advantage of that new rule that the nfl announced that is an unlimited an unlimited number of players. This season can return from the. I are from the injured reserve. He go history. That is a valiant east. That team's going to lose to stash guys and it's still three weeks. Jahmai are than which is which. I think i mean. I can't understand why they keep these rules that that were created years and years ago for different reasons Yes some guys you just beat the sit down and get some medical care to but you don't need a cab sit out for six or eight weeks. They just need three or four weeks. And so i think that makes all the central. You've got all this money invested. You wanna get your best players out there. You want the best product on the field for revenue you know. You don't want a bunch of bad games because you don't have your best players available so all this stuff just seems logical account understand why they would have done this and besides which you know. If you're talking about the whole money thing a why would you wanna have these high dollar players sitting on. I r when you get back on the field and have a replace them know guy that's probably playing for a minimum of the judge the for a few weeks it just everything about the new rules make sense and i hope they're going to be permanent Well i Everything about the new rules make sense except for the you can't stand it again. We'll save that one for another pod. But that's what we got for the roundup. Podcast here for you on thursday getting you ready for friday night. Football for the dallas cowboys taken on the arizona cardinals preseason game to unfortunately no dak prescott but that means a healthy dose of garrett gilbert what do you wanna see right hit us up at blogging. The boys on twitter. You can also comment on the article. That tom has written and hit us up on twitter at three at tom riley bt be what are you most looking forward to seeing from the dallas cowboys. What questions do they need to answer for you and You know what would you just like to see to to get your jollies off. I understand that as well and we are more than happy to respond to those types of requests as well. But for tom at tom rile tb. I'm roy at our three on twitter. Hit us up walking the boys podcast powered by sp nation. It is riled up here on thursday..

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