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Record speaks for itself yes your record is your record right inside our calls are brought to you by the dell technology small business pod for inspired cancer is launching may first on radio dot com and you can listen to Michael embody on his podcast the GM shuffle available on radio dot com wherever you get your podcasts it's more of the NFL content NFL draft kind of that you need right now mark Sanchez later on coming up in the five o'clock hour when we come back we continue round two in the bidding go bracket a pain in the we'll get back to your phone calls the ten ten wins coronavirus update I'm Susan Richard preliminary results from New York state antibody testing shows a thirteen point nine percent infection rate across the state twenty one percent in the city also today the governor announced a state investigation into nursing homes to make sure they're following policy regarding called nineteen for twenty four hour coverage good attention winter tell your smart device to play ten ten wins doctors like hell date twenty twenty right now health and medical industries are feeling the pressure of the covered nineteen outbreak doctors are feeling that pressure nurses are feeling that pressure I'm definitely feeling that pressure and so I wanted to capture some of this journey it's a log of this scary adventure we're all on together I'm Esther Choo MD and this is my doctor's log go subscribe and radio dot com and wherever you get your podcasts at sprint our priorities keeping our customers employees and communities safe during these uncertain times get the great service you expect without leaving the safety of your home shop at sprint dot com for a best new phone deals like the amazing iPhone eleven Lisa for just fifteen dollars a month when you switch and stay healthy go to sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one today in sixty forty by fifty dollars a month fourteen seventy multi credit applied within two bills personal service eighteen month lease an approved credit if you cancel early remaining balance to offering coverage not available everywhere thirty dollar activation fee taxes restrictions apply.

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