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Yokich had mason plumlee starting so you rotation players after that is trey lyles number one and then after that it could kind of b a who's who's who's going to come off the bench to employ minutes for denver we have seem a week beazley played a long time we have seen kenneth farid quite a long time a tory craig will get submitted so whenever denver mrs a guy it doesn't really hurt the starting lineup and hurts the bench more than anything and tonight denver's bench somebody else that normally does apply a lot of minutes like a beasley are like a tory craig is going to have to step up until about roll how good his career in your opinion layout you you have a vote for mvp would you vote career being mvp um i don't know yeah i don't know if he's the mvp or if it's it's kevin durant guy we may be built burp because they you know they lose gordon hayward thanks for blown up by fantasy basketball team by the way g h but they uh they lose him five minutes into the season and this team really hasn't missed a beat obviously they're the best team in the eastern conference in a cairo has a lot to do with that i i love him as a point guard you i would i would definitely agree with you if you'd say he was the best point guard in the league burt i was asked the kola yokich bhutia hate wayne against and a lot of these guys never answer that quarter and he goes oh jeez tyree every put me on skates all gave law civil he's a he's a hell of a ball handler he's got a witting attitude and he's got great size he's an unbelievable player i how about the key bank keys to the game well number one birdal we already talked about it you.

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