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Do you think we can post that were starting were starting announced the start you know and it's it's starting with these extraordinary actresses brave ladies and we as man of go to be part of a geno we started it so we have to be part of the solution some would you take a pay cut kind of eight causing out now an anonymous go too far no there has to be holiday dentists test with mike mike mike the no no no no no no no i don't think anyone has issued a firmer denial then simply liam neeson's now it's better than his lines intake in like this is the best acting liam meese has ever done get that clip clippers well of liam niece and calling me doug several times are dave during highly questionable but here is liam niece in with the most and best the best denial ever fake there no no no no it's going too far nobody initial know in this show metal like that is the second bearing in the heart of the absurdity of what has just been as but the first part was the most efficient denial in the history of denial where like what you're saying the idiot is baked into it you don't even here said would you take a poem cuts kind of equals exile now the non as going too far it is a vase a you know what else is amazing is this sued that bad like i don't i haven't even seen the person who is working out there right now but they just walk right into the studio and their massage me right now already feel better arrivers this version.

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